tysarbri and jc+

hi is anyone jcv positive and receiving tysabri my partner has been on tysabri for 2years this april and has to decide wether to carry on or change treatment what is frightening him more than anything is that a member of his group has now got pml which as we all know is devastating would like to know if anyone has any experience of this obviously we understand its his decision at the end of the day but have a lot of questions he needs answering and his neuro team not helping

thankyou in advance

Hi, I’m on tysabri and jc+ and on it for over 3 years. I know of the risk but also of the benefits it gives. He will be closely monitored after 2 years with regular mri every few months. It’s his decision to stay on it if he thinks it’s benefiting him. Tough decision to make i know but it is the best drug on the market so I’m taking the risk of it.