Tysabri - Lemtrada - Gilenya

Some pwms do well on one of theses drugs, others don’t.

Wonder if those who do well on, say, Tysabri have a different type of m.s. to those who do well on Gilenya or Lemtrada?

Do all those who do well on one drug have the same ‘characteristics’ to their m.s.?


I suspect that the reason you’ve had no responses to this is that it’s rather unknowable. Just one of those ‘I wonder’ thoughts that drift across your mind like a spark of brilliance, but to which no answer is actually possible.

The trouble is that there are so very many MS symptoms that to calculate the ‘types’ of MS would be an incredibly difficult task and then to compare those types with the drugs (taking into account all the other aspects of individuals’ bodies), would be yet another enormous feat requiring a computer the size of a planet.

It would be great to know if there is a way of determining which people would do best on the various drugs, but it looks like so far at least, it all trial and error sadly.



people tend to be offered a choice. Many ask about the drugs here. If you have rapidly evolving progressive relapsing MS, you will be offered the most powerful drug available to that hospital. There is a bit of a post code lottery, according to the wonderful Bart’s Blog. Read that each day and you will learn a great deal.

MS isn’t that easy to put into categories. If you read the Barts blog, you’ll see that the big goal is to find a drug to treat progressive MS.