Tysabri and Oral Thrush

I’ve been on Tysabri for nearly 3yrs and I’ve tolerated it well. My last relapses were in 2015, so I’ve now managed to get to 4yrs without a relapse, when the most I’ve ever got to was 3 - so its definitely working. I am obviously aware that Tysabri lowers your immune system and since I started it in March 2016, I’ve had a couple of horrendous chest infections, viruses, tonsilitus and strep throat. But the one thing thats bothering me is this - does Tysabri make you more susceptible to taking oral thrush? As I writing this I am nursing yet another bout of what I suspect is oral thrush and it really makes me feel like crap. My throat is bloomin agony and I have a stinker of a headache - great way to start the year lol. Just wondered if any other ‘Tysabrians’ out there have experienced anything similar? Your thoughts/advice etc is much appreciated. Steff X