Hi, I just want to say to the guys who set up this site;

thankyou so much for fixing the typing errors. it is now a pleasure to reply/post!


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Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Myself & Steph have had some dark days here- it’s been VERY frustrating for us too. And we really do appreciate everyone’s patience. And we know it’s still not perfect.

But it’s really, really nice to have some jolly feedback for a change.

Stewart (admin)


Yes, thanks from me too! I found it difficult to join in before because of the problems but now it’s great


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Hi again, I now find myself replying and offering support as much as I used to.

Keeps me off the streets, eh!


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i want to throw in my tuppence worth too…

i have no idea how hard it is to run this site-i just know that i benefit in so many ways…


ellie (who has seen lots of changes over the 9 years with the site but i am still dabbling for a reason)

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