Two for one

Hello all

got two questions please if anyone got any advice or comment;

can you take modafinil just when needed or do you have to take it continuously.

are the any travel insurance people out there who don’t charge the earth for chronic conditions such as ms and especially chests

thanx for reading x


I take modafinil now just when needed. I stopped taking it every day, partly because my blood pressure was high because of it, and partly because it can become less effective over time. It still gives me a boost when I do have it, though I can’t remember if it’s any less of a boost compared to when I took it every day.

Afraid I can’t give you any advice on the travel insurance. As annoying as it is, we’re understandably considered a greater risk, so are always likely to incur a hefty premium.



about travel insurance we have used ‘good to go’ as a lot of places won’t cover for MS - these do.

it frustrates me when companies will cover you but not for MS. I would imagine that anything that would happen ‘could’ be traced to. MS. Ie, fall and trip = because of balance issues etc

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