Twitching muscles

Twitching muscles in upper right arm and right ribs driving me potty, used to get them every few weeks, now get every day. How do you deal with them

Distraction and trying to ignore them. I get them everywhere indiscriminately all the time. Sometimes big thumpers. A lot of time ping pong balls… They just keep coming…

If you don’t mind me asking are you in limbo or diagnosed? I’m limbo… Have diagnosis of perhiperhral nerve hyper excitability and TN thus far.

In limbo still, since 2006. I am diagnosed with AF that has caused blood clots, I have lost all my hearing on right side and had a couple of mini strokes. I just get lots of Nuero symptoms which where thought to be MS back in 2008, all tests came back negative so taking meds for symptoms to try and control them. I just get frustrated every now and again and feel short on answers.

Is the twitching a new thing? Or have you suffered for a while?

Sorry to to hear that you have suffered strokes. That will I imagine cause a host of symptoms. I hope any medication helps ease issues.

Is is it possible strokes have caused twitching?

If i try to stop twitching it feels like it makes it worse ha ha, I just go with it and let it ride out.

The muscle spasms I have been getting for a few years, usually large muscles but the ones I get in right arm and right ribs is constant and it restricts movement, it can feel like I have a stone stuck to my side.

Sometimes stretching out might help. Yoga type movements if possible and yoga can be done seated.

Its a horrible thing when you cant control your limbs. I really do just try to go with it and let it do what it needs to but mine are predominately in my legs. My wife has bruises where I kick her in bed, when it gets bad I go sleep ina spare room. No cure for this as far as i am aware.