turn things around


I’ve looked at my life and i need to turn things around.This last year I’ve found that my body doesn’t always do what i want. That hot weather is a killer, hot baths are a thing of the past.showers can feel like pebble dashing yourself. I turned 40 and i am going grey.I’ve found 2 1/2 - 3stone that i wasn’t looking for and my boss is being …argh…!

So this year i need to lose weight, find a new job , I’m already learning to love pregabalin.Not as dizzy with it but at least i’ve got an excuse for those blonde moments.

Has any one else managed? would love to know if it’s possible.

Saw the doctor who said i may never get a full diagnosis and the specialist will probably discharge me next time (march) I kind of feel like,“help, i’m not better yet”

i would like to be more in control of symptoms and i know that that is what i should try for but i’d still like to know whats wrong with me.


Hi Tonka its all to do with positive thinking.

I follow the MS Recovery Diet now and have lost over half a stone, have gone gluten free, and feel overall much better in myself. I just realised that the only way up is to do it myself.

I have bad days really bad days lol…but I just dont do anything. I have started wine making with my hubby and we have had some fun but I dont drink lol, but it is nice to see others enjoying what we make.

I know my symptoms now all of them. Why I get them … when I will get them … and how to control them or make them easier to cope with.

I got 4 chickens end of September who have been my saviour lol. They are so funny, make me get up in the morning, I have to go out and feed them so I am getting more sunlight and Vitimin D which helps in the long run, and even better my girls give me fresh eggs.

I found i was spending far too much time on my Laptop and not going out even into the garden so the chooks have helped me with that one lol.

The thing is I know even if I was told for definite yes MS there is nothing for me anyway, so it is a case of managing symptoms really which i do.

I love my life, and my family and my hubby and I am going to make sure that I stay about as long as I can to be with them.

I think going gluten free really has helped me and the burning in my legs is better although other symptoms are the same.

Whatever you decide good luck. You can do it. x

Hi there.

I like your attitude. You know summat`s wrong, but you may never find out for defo…same here, luv!

I will be seeing my 12th ish neuro on 4th jan (next week…eek) and well see if he/she is any doubtful somehow…oh now I am being synical.

They are all so full of promises of what they`re gonna do with me next…it rarely happens.

What the chuff, eh? My New Year ethos is not to believe too seriously what they tell me.

I know me. For 14 yrs, ive been on this magical mystery tour and i doubt im gonna gerroff it anytime soon. I feel sure I have PPMS.

My slogan is.I may be broken, but Im still ere.

Happy New Year.

luv Pollx