May I present a short blog about the last few days.

It’s not been dull.


Do you have Roses tooth Steve? The DNA could be used to clone her. Your arm will heal much stronger & the move is going to go all Pete Tong. The England mob is still running after the cricket, footy & tennis balls. Nothing will ever change. Stay A P

Hello Steve , the dog on the picture is a golden retrieverlike Frazer. Frazer is the same colour and even has Ginger eyelashes. Everyone always says he’s gorgeous. I hope it all goes well with your move , it won’t be much longer now. Have you got plenty of help ? It’s a shame about your chair breaking , is it an nhs chair ? They are really good at servicing mine. Its a company called Ross care , they have been very good it’s all covered they have replaced wheels and batteries and I’ve only had mine just over a year. I use it an awful lot though. Lovely to hear about little Rose, she’s growing up fast . It goes so fast Steve you have to make the most of it . Michelle and Frazer xx