Trying to get my mind right

I’m so glad to be able to get back on here, I felt very down on the 31st but the site didn’t seem to be working. I had a visit to the doctors my iron is very low again its a reacurring problem i knew it was low. the problem is every time i see the doctors I find im still hoping for an answer to why i’m in the wheelchair and i come away feeling as if their is a red flag on my notes saying " This lady has mental health issues" I tell myself it doesn’t matter what they call it but just sometimes i really grieve for my old life back , just to be able to walk down the street, or to get in my old battered white van and drive off somewhere, and i find myself thinking … please at least give me an legitimate reason for why i’m like this, loads of people have stress in their lives and they don’t all convert it into jelly legs and end up in wheelchairs… So on to the next faze yet again getting my mind right, … im not unhappy really im not, I’ve got the kindest husband, lovely children and good friends that really care. and my gorgeous assistance dog Frazer , so I’m going to turn over a new leaf and stop chasing for answers and try to be happy with who i am. I hope everyone on the forum is okay. Thank you for listening.

Love Michelle xxx

Hello michelle :slight_smile: Sorry you are feeling so low. There is nothing I can say to change the way you feel. Im sorry getting about is not as easy for you as it used to be. Hope they find out whats wrong with you soon as its nice to know you’re not crazy. I believe though life is what you make it only you have the power to change it. If its an adventure go have one, if its enjoying the country side go visit it. Im a great believer in not letting anything get in our way and if you think about it being in a wheel chair only means you can get there faster than someone who walks. I have bad days with my legs, not the extent where im in a wheelchair mind you but I have my walking aids. I embrace them as they are now apart of me. I try and see the good in every situation. Its my life and I will make it a good one. Hope you manage to pick yourself up soon. Take care and happy new year xxxx

Thank you so much for your kind words, thats just what i needed to hear, most days i tell myself this is me and nothing will stop me having adventures and fun, but some days i feel i crumble inside and don’t feel worth anything, i think it hard being a mum and i feel guilty for making life harder for my children. On monday i went on a bus for the first time since iv’e been ill, I went with the dog and my 11 year old daughter, i felt really proud of myself but especially of my daughter, she’s really missed us being able to do what we used to and at first she used to be embarrassed she’s at that age just started secondary school so I understand, but its made a real difference since i’ve got Frazer [assistance dog] people are so much nicer and it takes away from the wheelchair. It made me laugh when you said you can go faster i must admit i put it on full speed when i’m with my husband!!!