Trying not to get too excited!

Hi all I was diagnosed in May 2012 with RRMS and have since enjoyed pretty good health. I made the decision with my consultants support almost immediately that I wanted to start treatment to try to control my MS as my initial decline before diagnosis was so rapid. I started briefly on Rebif then changed to Copaxone. I have tried to not to moan to much with my treatment as I know that many people on here have had a harder time of it than me & I have been lucky. I did not have any problems with needles so injecting myself was fine. I did however struggle with reactions to injections red marks, lumps, bumps & swelling my body just does not like to be injected! So you can imagine my joy last night when I read that the oral tablet should be available from April 2014. My MS nurse had mentioned this before but I assumed it would end up being years before being available. I have a hospital appointment tomorrow where I will speak to my nurse but it is so nice to have some good news for MS patients. So many cope with so much & this new treatment will make so many life’s that little bit more simple!! Char xxx

That`s brill news Char!

Fingers crossed you can get the oral version and that it keeps you from progressing further.

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll x