I’m gonna do a Trump. I had MS. I don’t have MS anymore. I beat MS. I was in a wheelchair. Not any more. I can walk now…

Oh darn. I can’t walk. I just fell on my ass. I’m now back in my wheelchair. I still have MS. I wish I was like Donnie boy, then I’m sure I could beat the MS thing. I’m going to paint my face with Cuprinol next to see if that helps.

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If it works derek let me know.

Jean x

Gosh yes. I think many of us will attempt a Trump if it works. I’d love to be invincible too.


I was hoping that he would have the privilege of testing his disinfectant therapy

Does Cuprinol come in the colo(u)r “Tremendous” ?


Oh please don’t get me started…GRrrrrr…

Jean x

Another nugget of ‘wisdom’ from the Donald. That’s a great therapy, a very great therapy, and totally inexpensive, believe me … Lol

Trumps mistake was getting tested.

If he hadnt been tested

well he would be alright.

I actually dont think he had SARS. No way he would he have been put on oxygen then the doctors let him out the next day to go for a ride around in his vehicle not a chance. Makes a mockery of all those who really got sick with this horrible disease.

If he had stats low enough to need oxygen he would have been in the ward and monitored not allowed to go out showing off.

Jeez just think he could get in for another term, because frankly who is there to better him at the moment?

All my friends in the USA have given up. They cant believe the state of their own country, its sad really.

Nellie the elephant…trump trump trump…what else can I say?


somehow I dont think hell be packing his trunk`…sadly.


Not long to wait…


Ami the only person who likes Trump?


No. Lots of people voted for him. M

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Live the American dream.

As long as we remain united with the U.S.A.

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Trump & Johnson, two cheeks of the same bottom.


Bojo is an absolute corrupt fool. But Trump is going to steam to a landslide victory in just over 2 weeks. I can’t wait to hear the ultra neo-marxist pitiful whines.

It must be difficult being a fourteen year old boy trapped in a septuagenarians body and no wonder he is so mentally ill.

Regarding his assumed wealth, I like this quote from Bloomberg.

Trump was confronted with a quote from former New York mayor and current presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg. When Bloomberg was asked if the country wanted a race between two New York billionaires (meaning him and Trump), Bloomberg replied “Who’s the other one?” alluding to rumors that Trump inflates his wealth.


maybe he has a written promise from above (imaginary of course)


I am surprised it is so close…


yes i agree. BUT weirdly enough i have a lot of american friends on facebook and they want trump not biden. biden is bad news according to them i have no idea. but he will not work with uk government from what he said.

its really strange as i thought they hated him, but from what i have been told if biden gets in it will be a civil war in states dont shoot me i only repeat what has been said to me. my friend who lives in arizona they are crying foul, as its a trump stronghold and no one they know has voted biden lol.

sour grapes me thinks. Mind you i didnt realise trump gave all his salary back to the americans he draws no money. so like she said to me there a lot of things we are not told about him the media only concentrate on stupid things he says and pad them up. like bleach theory.

He did his covid walk about to try and reassure the people its not so bad but again it back fired as cynics just said he didnt have it. anyway i dont know but i have friends all over the usa.

it is said he is a rascist yet the exact people he is supposed to despise are the ones voting for him. Black and Hispanics. My friend in pennsylvia sent me this i had no idea.

either way he aint going down without a fight lol…

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