trimethoprin 100mg daily!

Hiya anybody and everybody!

Can you advise about taking trimethoprin 100mg daily to reduce the risk of urine infections?

I already ISC and under the continence service it was my GP who prescribed it

Any ideas/advise/suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Regards Showers



I take nitrofurentoin for the same reason. There's nothing really to say about it - just follow any instructions on the label if there are any. One thing that might be worth considering is getting some acidophilus, which is a probiotic. I was recommended it because apparently the antibiotics can kill good bacteria as well as the bad, so taking acidophilus will help replace them. 

Although it's not totally sorted things, it's definitely reduced the rate I was getting infections. Hope it goes well.



Just interested to know can you build up a tolerance to the trimethoprin?

Cos I'm conscious about the benefits of drinking lots of water to flush out the kidneys,but the down side is increased

need to urinate and the lack of clean accessable loos!

It's hindering my ability to live a full active life!

Many thanks for your post