trigeminal neuralgia

I have trigeminal neuralgia and I have had the opperation to freeze the nerve which last on average 18 months then have it done again, which is fine. 

I have a circulation Booster machine (High tec health) which I use every day for my circulation. It sends a small electrical pulse up your nernes (you sit with your feet on it) it causes your muscles to work Is it possible it has effected my trigeminal neuralgia because I have pains from the trigaminal nerve and I only had the opp for it last June. I think its to soon for it to start playing me up. Im not thick but have I asked the correct question? If you understand the question, please reply.

Kind regards


please answer


Hi Derek

Sorry you havent had a reply. I have no knowledge of what you are talking about BUT I would have thought that anything that boosts circulation/stimulates nerves then theres the chance it will affect your TN or ANY part of the nervous system. As you already have problems there its 'weakened' and hence you are now experiencing TN again. This is just a guess!

Hopefully someone will be able to answer your question fully-sorry that I cant.

Ellie x

Hi Derek,

I can’t answer your question about the effects of the circulation booster. However I’ve had the TN op and the surgeon told me that although it could be repeated it would become less successful due to scarring on the nerve caused by the procedure itself. He said that if this happened they would look at an alternative (he didn’t say what)  Also I don’t think that 18 months is a hard and fast result. A lady was having it done at the same time as me, it was her 3rd. The previous one had lasted only 6 weeks. I suggest a return visit to the surgeon to discuss your situation because dear God you don’t want TN back.