tremors rightside only ,now left hand starting to shake too

Hello its julie anyone out there had tremors down one side of body only, then found opposite hand also starting to shake like its moving across the brain affecting more areas.I am worried he hasnt got any medication yet he has been refered by one neurologist who diagnosed him to another neurologist at another hospital and is waiting to get medication.He sees neurologist first week april 2013. xx julie

Normally a symptom in a completely new area (whether or not the symptom is a new one or an old one) means new damage: either a lesion that has got bigger or a completely new lesion, but there may be other explanations.

It seems that your husband’s symptoms are worsening quickly and I wonder if there is more going on than MS, especially given the weight loss and sweats? I’m not a medic though so I could easily be wrong, but do please make sure that you have a summary of the symptoms right from the beginning as well as a list of things you need help with ready for when you see the new neuro. It’s not too long until April thankfully, but it might be worth seeing your GP in the meantime - they will probably tell you to ask the neuro, but you never know.

Karen x