Help please!! I’m experiencing a hideous intention tremir in my left hand and arm. Please tell me this will eventually go!!??

hi claire

i can’t promise you anything but i’m fairly sure it will ease up with time.

take note of the circumstances when it is at its worse.

is it a stressful time etc

don’t worry yourself sick or you’ll get stressed and we all know what stress does.

tuck in and have a few lazy days.

carole x

Hi Claire

Do you have RRMS? If so, I’d expect the tremor to remit.

If you have progressive MS, it could still improve, and if not, see your Neurologist, MS nurse or GP to ask for so,e medication to help with tremor.

If you’re not diagnosed, then you’d need to bring the tremor to the attention of whichever doctor you see.

Best of luck.