Treatment options

Hi all, I have just been diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS in March 2018 but due to the level of relapses I have had since then my consultant is recommending treatment , just wondering which is the best one to go for?

Hello Joanne

Only you are able to make the right choice of disease modifying drug (DMD) for you. Using the advice and guidance of your MS nurse and/or neurologist of course.

Have a look at MS Decisions aid | MS Trust

All the available DMDs are listed on there, split into categories depending on their effectiveness. The more effective the drug, the greater the chances are of side effects.

You have probably been offered the choice of a number of drugs, these will each have an average expected reduction rate for relapses and severity of relapses. You can compare the various options and determine what seems most appropriate for your lifestyle and your MS.

Best of luck.