Treatment for speech difficulties

Hello everyone,

A friend has told me about a treatment for the problems I often have with my speech, (she has had a slight stroke and this helped her speech). She said Turmeric mixed with essence, ginger and cinnamon taken twice a day morning and evening, should help.

So I wondered if you’d heard of it and the results of taking it.

Thank you.

Hi I hadnt heard of this, but I would be interested in other replies you get. My hubby and I both have quite slurry, garbled speech at times so we are always looking for ways to improve it! x

I hadn’t heard of it either and that’s why I posted on here wondering if anyone else had heard if it. If it does work for me I will post on here again singing it’s praises.

I saw a Speech Therapist a few years ago who was a great help and I often use the tips she gave me. It would be wonderful if all I had to do was take what my friend suggested but, until I find that it’s working for me I’ll keep on using what the speech therapist suggested.

Thank you for replying and, you’re the only person so far who has.


i have heard of similar. i didnt take turmeric regularly-as kept forgetting! i do now however take a turmeric capsule x2 daily as routine.

does it help? i have no idea. i was unable to speak at one point but maybe my speech would have returned anyway? its far from how it used to be but i can communicate given time to sort out the words.


Hi Ellie

I have decided that I probably won’t keep taking the turmeric mix for a few reasons: it tastes disgusting and, unless I’m sure it will definitely help I don’t want to put something I dislike the taste of in my mouth and swallow it!

My friend who advised me meant well but I much prefer to use the advice I got from my speech therapist a few years ago.

Thank you for replying to my post.