Treatment for Altered Sensation

Hi Ive just been told by my neurologist that he believes I have RRMS but he’s referring me to a colleague who specialises in MS.

I had a contrast MRI which showed an area of active enhancement in the brain. The non contrast MRI showed multiple lesions and some were old.

At the minute I have altered sensation in my legs and feet. Does anyone know what treatment I will be offered to treat this in the long term?

Hello Jo-N,

I get a lot of really annoying sudden sharp neuropathic shooting pains for which I take gabapentin which much reduces their frequency and strength, and helps with all altered sensations.

There may well be other treatments, of course, so you’ll just have to wait and see what your neuro offers you.

Try not to worry, eh!


Hi Ben

Thank you for replying. Ill check that medication out so ill know what the neurologist is talking about if she brings it up.

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With a bit of luck, that will either reduce or even go away as the relapse resolves. Your body will do its level best to heal or at least to find workarounds for more lasting damage. As others have said, there are symptom drugs to help you cope with any residuals that are troublesome to you.

But the main thing with RRMS is to try to stop or at least minimise future relapses, and that means getting on disease modifying treatment if that is available to you. It won’t deal with the trouble you have now, but it should help ward off future attacks. It is often more effective to avoid or minimise future MS relapses than to deal with ones that have already arrived.

Hi Alison

Thank you for the advice.

Is there a wide variety of disease modifying treatments?

Is it a case of trial and error?

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Yes, there is a wide range of treatments, all with their own balance of benefits and risks. The main part of this MS Society site has good information.