Travel Insurance Dispute


Travelled to USA and had a relapse where I had to stay in hospital for 2 nights. The bill ended up being $65,000! I had travel insurance where I declared MS but now after 10 months of them going through my medical records that they will not pay out the entire bill! I will need to pay a more than a third of it due to previous medical conditions I did not declare. Bearing in mind the medical conditions they listed and that I had 10-20 years ago is not an issue to my health anymore!
I was admitted to hospital during my holiday purely to do with my MS and nothing else! I will be disputing the claim and if need be I will have to take legal advice.

Has anyone else been through this with a travel Insurance company where a medical claim was rejected?

Any help will be appreciated.

Sorry Sarah thankfully never had to claim on travel insurance, but wish you the best.

Ooo that sounds a real nightmare story. I hope the problem gets resolved to your benefit. xxx

Hi Sarah That’s in no way surprising the insurer wants to get out of paying that much. It’s probably worth seeking advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau. And if there’s an ombudsman for insurance services, they may well have advice for this kind of thing. Sorry I can’t help more. Dan

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Wow, that’s crazy. Definitely get advice. Good luck Lina