Transport For All website

This website discusses accessible transport in London.

It says the following:

“Transport for All believes in a fully accessible, reliable and affordable transport network for disabled and older Londoners. We provide specialised advice, information, advocacy and training to both service users and providers of accessible transport in the capital.”

It’s worth looking at the “Door to Door” section of the website. It says:

“There are several transport services in London designed for people who find it difficult to use public transport. If you meet the eligability criteria for the service you can download most application forms from our website or we can send you one in the post.”

The London Ambulance Service provides transport for my hospital appointments. However, please read this if you need to be taken to and from hospital appointments in London.

"The patient transport services are responsible for transporting people to and from hospital appointments.
Currently individual NHS Trust hospitals contract a service provider to supply and manage transport to their patients. The London Ambulance Service, which used to supply the service for most London hospitals now provides only around a third of London’s services. Other contracts are held by private companies, including minicab firms and organisations such as the St John’s Ambulance Service. Regrettably, no central and unified system exists for the administration of non-emergency patient transport services.

Each NHS Trust has its own procedure for arranging transport. Most require either your GP or hospital doctor to authorise the booking of transport."