Trains........sort of MS!

I thought I knew all the ways to get cheaper travel! but, just found that you can get a through ticket for Eurostar from 130 stations (UK), which is cheaper than buying a ticket to London+Eurostar ticket, you can check whether you can book from your station on,… I didn’t know that! Need to do some sums, Love that site, lots of info for w/c travellers as well, including info on accessible taxis from various European stations, probably useful to have those numbers anyway if you’re thinking of a city break! Alison x

Thank you, that is potentially useful. I don’t think I’ll be doing it any time soon, but good to know. As you know, forum search doesn’t work, so beware the post, in a year or two, saying: “Who was it posted about cheap through tickets for Eurostar? I want to go, but now I can’t find it!” Tina x