Train Travel

A quick alert for anyone who travels on Southern Trains.

The train company are slowly changing the way they mark the doors for wheelchair users, i.e. the doors nearest the wheelchair spaces. Previously there was a hard-to-spot wheelchair logo marking the door. Now the door has a wide red vertical stripe alongside it. Easier to see - but only if you know to look for it.

Today I took a Southern Train from Clapham Junction, didn’t know to look for the red stripe, and hunted in vain for the wheelchair logo. This lost me valuable seconds, I had to ask a member of the platform staff, he said ‘the door with the red stripe’ and I got to the doors just as they were about to close. And close they did - with my wheelchair between them. And then again with ME between them. No harm done, except to my nerves. Oh - I mean my nervous state, not my myelin.

Most annoying that this change was not carried out with a transitional period when both wheelchair logo AND red stripe are shown, and apparently no information anywhere to warn us about the change.

Yet another travel annoyance. Grrrrrrrrrrrr…

Thanks for the info although I’m unlikely to use Southern Trains (I’m in Yorkshire )

Traveling in a wheelchair is an endurance test!

I use the buses all the time and just got used to a certain lay out (tight maneuvers into the wheelchair space) when they introduced new buses with a different configuration – back to square one! But I’m passionate about using the bus or the buggy drivers will own the space!