Tragic news

I’m not sure if any of you spotted this on the MS news page but I thought it was very sad news indeed.

My condolences to Gabriel Stocks’ friends and family. What a tragic thing to happen to a very special man who served the MS Society loyally for so many years.

I would urge caution when out walking near swollen rivers even when the water has subsided a little as the ground will be very soft for sometime to come. Stay safe everyone

Tracey xx

How absolutely tragic, just read the article. Sincere condolences to Gabriel’s family and friends. Thanks for posting that Tracey Linda x

I’ve jut read it, what a shocking, tragic accident.

My condolences to Gabriel Stocks family and friends

Noreen xxx

Hiya Tracey, two stories posted concerning death, one choose, and one accidental, who can help but feel sorry for both, but the main sorrow is/should be, for the poor man who, by unfortunate bad luck, fell into the water with his scooter, his death was a real tragedy, how easy it is, how narrow is the gap between life and death, Brian

Oh how very sad. And to think, that poor man must`ve thought his mobility scooter was his ticket to freedom. This really is sad.


Indeed. I think if I were a family member though I would take some comfort from the fact that he was out doing something he enjoyed at the time … You have to take comfort where you can at times like this.

Tracey x

Oh my lord I remember seeing this on the news how very sad, my thoughts are with the family. xx

Very sad, rip

It is very sad, I did see the article yesterday. I had just finished working in Oxford when this was reported and I did wonder… the aticle confirmed it It was pretty bad that way (could see a flooded field from my desk) but still shocking such a thing could happen. RIP Gabriel.

Sonia x

Terrible news.

Condolences to Gabriel Stock’s family and friends. Tragic.

Shazzie xx

I have just seen the shocking news about Gabriel. What a lovely man, he was a guy who was utterly courageous in dealing with his M.S and had a wicked sense of humour. I know he did a huge amount for the society. My condolences to his family.