Hi there,

I have been on this forum before- you may have seen my posts before about my mum who has advanced MS

I just wanted to see if there is anyone out there that knows of any MS sufferer with end stage MS being given a tracheotomy for the sole purpose to clear secretions. Im pretty sure the answer will be no as my mother is one of a kind- but worth putting it out there.

We have come to the point where all medical professionals hands up admit that they don’t know what to do next as my mum has completely cheated death due to the quality of care my dad and I give her. Intense respitory physio given daily to clear her chest has kept her going and pneumonia free for 2 years now where as before we were having a pneumonia almost every few months and nearly lost her many times.

Although now we are approaching the time where her involuntary cough is reducing, physio is a lot harder and we will eventually not be able to clear her. Pretty scary. No one knows what to do and we are not prepared for mum to be an experiment unless i can find others out there that have found this successful.


Hallo hun.

I`m sorry I dont have the advice you are looking for, but I felt I just wanted to tell you that the loving care you and your dad are giving your mum is wonderful.

She is so lucky to have you.

It`s gonna be hard and I hope you can cope, with the help of medics.

luv Pollx

That is so very kind of you…