Collective name for giraffes, crows, lions, whales.

But what do we call a group of Neuros – A Disease of Neuros, an Arrogance of Neuros.

Any other suggestions?

a nutcase of neuros!


About £100,000 p.a.

A Lesion (legion!) of neuros!


Like it!

A body of neuros or a

Oligoclonal band of neuros.

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A dilly dally of neuros.

A shilly-shally of neuros.

A dawdle of neuros.

As in the frequent delays and slow action or ‘wait and see’ mentality with some neuros.

anon above

that made me smile!

i have been diagnosed 12+ years now. for 2 yrs the first neuro told me it was ‘in ma heid’ and i was offered no treatment. i am now in a powerchair, no sight in left eye and have regular carers blah blah…

am i bitter and angry? of course i WAS! i say was because i have ‘moved on’-i had to! holding on to anger is like holding on to hot coal, u r the one that gets hurt.

looks easy when thats written down and it is-once you get your head in the right place. i still get frustrated-of course i do! but thats at the illness-not towards those who now support me through this cr*p!?

when dealing with our health we expect the best (quite rightly!) but thats not real life! its a job like so many others-bad builders/salesfolk…

that neuro doesnt think re me (i guess!) so why would i give him head room?!

back to the question…a quandry of neuros?


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group name for pwms -

an endurance of pwms.


a hotch potch of HSPers!


A conference off neurologists that’s what they do mostly

My vote goes to:

An Arrogance of Neuros

They all seem to have pre-conceived ideas (even the really good ones) as to how MS progresses - even when confronted with evidence to the contrary.


A confusion of neurologists.