Total hip.replacement

Has anyone out there with ppms had a hip replacement ? It have ppms and need a hip replacement in my better leg - the one that does most of the work. Just worried about managing post op as there seem to be so many things you should not do with the new hip.

l had my total hip replacement done April 25th. Like you - it was my ‘good’ leg -as it has done all the hard work for 31yrs SPMS. All went well - l was home on the 4th day. There was no way l could walk with the sticks they give you. l took my trusty rollator into hospital and got about with that. lt supports me better then sticks. l am still having trouble doing my shoes up - have to use one of those ‘litter pickers’ for reaching down to pick things up. l managed to get out on my scooter with the dogs by the end of the week. And back to driving my car in 5weeks.

Op itself went well - wound healed with no problems.

Good luck with the op. Frances (spacejacket) is the one to ask for advice!

luv Pollx

Thanks spacejacket It’s a big decision but every bit of info helps and will probably go ahead and get it done -at least the pain will go What kind of dogs do you have! We have 2setters and Flatcoat who can be helpful but is not a fully trained disabled dog yet , we are working on it!

l have two rottweilers - both rescue. l have had german shepherds and rottweilers for 60yrs. My latest youngster Reg - is now 22months. He was rescued by the Rottweiler Rescue people - and they have made a wonderful job of rehabilitating him. He spent the first nine months shut in a small shed with lots of dogs and he was starved. He is still very small for a rottie - but his temperament is exceptional. The rescue people started training him as a therapy dog - he opens doors and can take off my gloves and socks and will pick things up off the floor. Only trouble is he will try and take my gloves off when l am putting them on. l have a Tramper - all terrain scooter and we have a lovely time going over all the fields and through the woods. When he is off the lead he just walks close behind or at my side. And as soon as l want to put his halter on he comes and sits by me and puts his head into it. When l walk around the house or garden - with my rollator - he stays by my side - he hates me going into the loo without him. He isn’t always a ‘good boy’. l think he missed out on his puppyhood and is making up for it now- Several cushions have been wrecked with the pair of them playing tug- o -war. They play all the time - mock wrestling matches. When out- Reg takes no notice of rabbits/deer/pheasants. Never picks up the scent - just ignores everything. He does love to meet other dogs. And does not get worked up if they ‘have a go’ at him. Usually, little terriers that like to attack him.

You have your hands full with setters/flat coats. They are always so energetic and bouncy.

Going for physio at the local rehab clinic to-day - lts such a long way down lots of corridors to get to the clinic - l am usually struggling by the time l get there. They are trying to improve my ‘tight’ muscles - and they massage and stretch my leg. l have been doing the exercises they gave me to do.