When I was suffering from a bit of a cough and a few sleep-deprived nights someone suggested that I wasn’t 100%.

Excuse me? 100%? Since when have we ever been 100%?

Certainly not in this century.

What are we at full capacity? I ask this question in relation to “ordinary people”.

Did I spend too much time on the train yesterday?

Oh well, the house move has been delayed and I’m quite pleased.


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Hi Steve I am sorry that your house move has been delayed and I hope it happens soon. I think once you have decided to move it is very unsettling, neither here nor there!! Take care. Sue

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I think it’s just a new ‘normal’ for us . I find that i can’t ever measure up to what you’d expect for a person my age . Our base line is already low but when we are ill it drops much lower . Sorry you’ve been delayed I hope that it happens soon. Michelle and Frazer xx