ok, ???

So, really positive that there is a way to ‘stop’ ms, but …

It sounds like this treatment ‘works’ to stop ms. Wow, great. But, who is eligible ?


ok, so a solution is critical for me, to continue in my job, but due to the ’ aggress nature ’ of this treatment will I need too much time off work ?


I assume you’re talking about HSCT. To be eligible, you need an MRI scan that shows active lesions. and to have tried at least one DMD, but which hasn’t worked. As to time off, yes, you’ll need a lot of time off, including a month in isolation. There’s more info here -


Thanks Dan, I am currently waiting for an mri to see what’s going on, but this is ‘ms time’ so how long until I get an appointment will be interesting. Yes I was talking about HSCT. I just could not remember the name of it.

This is the NHS criteria. Multiple Sclerosis Research: #CaseStudy: Are you eligible for HSCT in London? The BBC reporter Caroline Wyatt gave a very honest account of her experience.

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So, in essence Sarah, it seems that you have to have been on Lemtrada or Tysabri and ‘failed’. By which I mean have continued to have relapses. So only people with active MS despite being on one of these will qualify for the treatment.

And it is a very serious treatment. You’d probably be pretty ill for quite some time, as Whammel said, it includes a month in seclusion because your immune system is destroyed by the chemotherapy. So expect perhaps a couple of months off work.

Remember it involves stem cell harvesting, chemotherapy, then stem cell transplantation.

Don’t forget as well that while it should prevent further relapses and progression, it doesn’t reverse existing damage. So it’s as close to a cure as we have, but it’s not a cure for nerve damage.

And this is for treatment in London.

I suspect if you are fairly recently diagnosed, have very active RRMS, have been on Lemtrada or Tysabri and continued relapsing, are otherwise fit and well, and are able to put your whole life aside for a few months while having the treatment, it’s a good option.