Top tips for saving energy-making tasks easier

Since some ‘munchkin’ knicked my battery again and left me on reserve battery I have started to develope my enery/time saving activities, do you have things you do that saves you energy, due to brain fog there may be obvious things I’m missing.

some of My time/energy savers are

keep a bag with a long handle on the stairs so that I can easily carry bits of washing up stairs when im going.

keep the mixer and Iron on the table so I can do a little bit at a time without using up extra energy getting them out.

have chairs everywhere.


One of the hardest things I have found is to stop a job part way through. My natural inclination is to battle through until finished but quite honestly that’s a recipe for disaster! I use my phone timer to set an alarm after 10-12 minutes. If I stop after 10 minutes and have a rest I can probably do 10 more minutes but if I try to do 20 minutes in one go I will be dizzy and vomiting. So my top tip doesn’t actually make the job easier but it is the only way I can cope.


Like that Wendels, its easy to think -oh ill carry on for a couple more minutes, but it doesnt help in the long run does it, I shall be nicking that idea today thanks. x

Thats a good time management tip Wendel, shall be stealing that one today xx


have had this convo with my friend who is also severely disabled… i believe that u cant ‘save’ energy. (i DO understand what u r asking tho!)

yes u can rest beforehand for a special occasion but u cant ‘bank’ the energy. we decided that u do what u can knowing that u will pay the consequences. i now have carers in which helps hugely but then i think of things to ask them to help me with but how? i cant write. i can look at computer for half an hour or so (can see via one eye) i use reminders on my phone (which is constantly round my neck).

i was so exhausted on christmas day i couldnt even talk! fortunately i could string a few words together by evening.

one of the most useful things i have learned to asking carer to cook wholesome tasty food then freeze it. then the kids under my guidance can get tea made/ready.

another thing i have learned is to stop being arsit (awkward!) and accept help graciously (thats hard but is safer!)

ellie x

ps i have concerns re my phone being constantly round my neck but whats alternative? i needed it yest to call for help when my powerchair overturned and tipped onto the road-but thats another story! (a tender ellie)

Delegate, OFTEN!! works for me

Oh pants an RTA., hope your ok, Yep I know what you mean about the saving energy, just thought there may be a few ‘tricks of the trade’ as it were that we use to make our days easier. im for ever forgetting to have my phone with me, thought about making my self a leopard print tool belt to keep all the things i may need in. Nothing like a touch of the Bet Lynch to brighten up the day

I do everything in small chunks now, interspersed with a lie down. If I’m in the kitchen making a cuppa, I’ll wipe the surfaces down or stack the dishwasher while I wait for the kettle to boil. If I go from one room to another, I look around to see if anything can go with me. Even if I only manage to take a cup to the kitchen, I look at it as an achievement. I think it’s better to achieve a few small things over the course of the day, than to feel down for not doing one big thing. :slight_smile: