Top tips for making it through a relapse?

Hi everyone,

just wondering if people are willing to share the things they do to help themselves through a relapse (either physically or emotionally!). I am doing the steroids and rest things, but wondering if there are little things that help make the waiting and recovery easier or less stressful or whatever!

onwards xx


Hi, the things that help me through a relapse are based on being kind to myself these include relaxing, meditation, reading a book and listening to relaxing music. Getting lots of sleep and afternoon naps, gentle short walks to a park or the countryside, giving myself a foot massage, eating well, watching a happy relaxing film. Being aware of my stresses is important and I write down why I feel stressed or anxious and what I think the solution might be.


Eat well

sleep as much as you can


that’s what I would do!

hope it clears up soon xxx

i try to adapt and overcome; carry on regardless.

i also keep a journal of all symptoms and severities. it can be useful in the future (for eg. during neuro visits) and if you note the positive changes as you write down all the bad stuff, you can more readily recognise a potential up turn and thus improvement in your condition; this no bad thing for strengthening a positive mental attitude (which i feel is so very very important).

you can also note any diet or behaviours which at the time, might aid / exacerbate relapse recovery (also for future reference).

besides all of that, treat yourself like royalty and if you want to sleep / chillax, then do so.