I hope things are better than expected and the weather isn't causing too much trouble.Right then everybody hates putting the duvet back in the beautifully laundered cover. I think I've discovered the solution...........Turn the duvet cover inside and lay it out somewhere,or at least a couple of foot of it.Then line up the corners with the corners of the duvet,so it all lies beautifully.


Now for the new technique...................Take a couple of cable ties(zip ties to our American colleagues) 6 inch ones should suffice(ooh madam) and attach the duvet and cover together,by tightening the cable tie up around cover and duvet, about 2 inches in from the pointy bit.Then take your nail clippers,no knives please and clip the tail off the tie and nibble every bit of sharp plastic away.Voila,simply turn the cover round to the proper side and straighten out the whole thing.If your fingers are knacked a pair of pliars may help when pulling the whole thing tight.


'Cos I don't care about appearance I put a couple of ties outside on the other corners.Come laundry day cut all the ties with the clippers or side cutters,and seperate everything.Be mindful of nipping the material when cutting the ties.Believe me,it is easier to do than to explain on here.


So there you go.It works for me, and a couple of mates were amazed they hadn't thought of it.We DONOT always talk domestic science or whatever this is when sipping an Amontillado down th'ale 'ouse


Enjoy,   Wb

Well I tried it, and ended up inside the quilt cover!!!!  Maybe too many bevvies got me giggling far too much, I also wet myself thinking about how you do it.  As for the pliers, well I snipped everything other than the ties.


Should have put a note on your tip, not to be done when .ished!!!


Thanks for the tip, or was it sip blush




So you had a party in your duvet cover then Bren?......................Splendid


Wb  x

You made my day Wobbly boy.  By the way my son said your username is very unusual - can I tell him how you decided upon it, or is it too telling - do you?



Bren,it's because I am a boy who is wobbly and even 4-5 years ago when I joined the old Boards it was appropriate to create it as a username.The spelling is like that 'cos there was already a woBBlyboy,so I am woBlyboy,


I admire your son's curiosity. Maybe now I should be, Can't -walk- doesn't- wobble- boy. That does have a ring to it, epecially if one is in one's cups



Steve, l had three king-sized duvets to change yesterday and l did have a giggle thinking about your 'Top Tip'. l always turn my duvet covers inside out when l wash them. Then when l put them back on l do this-- Whilst sitting on the bed - put my arms into the duvet opening and reach to get to the bottom corners - grab them -and with the rest of the duvet gathered up my arms l then grab the top corners of the duvet/quilt itself and throw the cover over- give it a good shake - still holding the top corners of cover and duvet.  -Well it works for me!!

Another top tip! Use a flat top sheet under your duvet - its easier to wash and replace - then you only need to wash the duvet cover when needed - or before you have 'visitors'. lf you get my drift. [The only visitor l get is the district nurse] l do have to wash mine very regularly as two rotties and a cat can leave footprints.


Nice one Fran, but my left hand is etish and I love cable ties.My laundress has departed,so I'll be taking the big stuff to the launderette.I miss the cat.



mr wobly

you have way too much time on your hands! get a cleaner in to tackle the duvet cover and use the ties to make a chain that reaches the pub, then you can find your way home while uder the influence no probs.


Now this is the TOP TIP to beat all TOP TIPS - do as Zelda says Steve - make a length of cable ties from your house to the pub - make sure no undesirables follow you home - though!!

l keep telling the so called friends who ‘deliver’ my OH home the worst for wear on a friday night - that we have moved and to drop him off in the next village.


Zelda,want a job? My flat is like Steptoe's yard and Stephen  Hawking's shed,and needs the woman's touch,and if you've got a free cat the interview stage will be easy.I'm thinking bungee cords for gettimg back from th'ale'ouse.


Fran , I think you should be editing your adress book if they won't do this simple thing for you.I'm sure you'd do yhe deed for any of them.


WB   x



xmr wobly

if i dont get put in the support group of esa i ill gladly come aand be your bed tester but thats about where my domestic skills end these days. and as it happens  have a rather 'special needs' cat thaT likes peeing on beds, its now been banished to the kitchen at night and chewed chunks off the door last night little b tard! so get your inventing cap on pronto or the cleaner wont last long!