too many red flags(physio) any help please?

Hi all Hope u well can anyone shed any light on why my physio referred me back to doc for blood tests and chest scan? I have been on tysabri for nearly 3 yrs get bloods done before every infustio n,always fine …lately had really painful back put it down to usual for weeks,ie worked to hard,just tierd ect wotever other excuse came to mind lol… Got to sore had to go doc(bit worried m.s. affecting spine)not the case thankfully…last MRI fine my neurologist told me no so long ago…doc offers physio and next step up on painkillers,I said yes to physio no thanks to morphine(got 3 year old son… husband works full time) Starts physio after 1st meeting she refers me back to doc for all of above…why? Blood tests for what?lungs fine if u ask me(waste of xray) deep down bit worried got ms which I cope with…why all this?my husband thinks physio just put her depth which I really want to believe…anybody any answers? Thank you to anyone who takes time to read my post or help in any way…hope u all good and sorry to moan … Kind regards to all

Hello Anon

I don’t mean to criticise but you would have felt much less anxious if you had asked the physio why. Sorry but just telling you for future reference

What was she actually asking you to do during the appointment? at the moment I’m not sure what her reasons could be.


Thank you for your reply blossom …all I got really when I asked her at appointment was to many red flags,your right I should have asked what that ment…I can ask again next week and make myself more understanding off her concerns…as for the questions she askrd they were just odd if u ask me…lol but I think I am worried over nothing …positive thinking… Xxx

Hello poppy You are not worried over nothing. she is the professional. To be fair, I wouldn’t have let you leave the appointment without asking you if you wanted to ask questions and had you understood everything. she is the one that has failed to do that, Take care x

Your right just a communication breakdown I will talk to her again on wed when I c her next…my husband told me not to worry so I’m going push it to back off my mind until then…this week I can make sure I u do understand all the answers to my questions…thanks for making me feel better blossom,it has really helped .you take care too xxx