Too many pseudo relapses?

I used to think I knew what caused pseudo relapses - heat, be it temperature, exertion or fever. Now I’m starting to wonder because of the number I’ve been having recently. A couple of weeks ago I had a virus (I think!) that led to an ear infection. I had pseudo relapses during and after this. Fair enough - elevated temperature due to fever. Yesterday and today I’ve had pseudo relapse symptoms (feeling weak and shaky), but with nothing to cause elevated temperature. The room temperature is about 69F, 20C, I don’t have a fever and I haven’t been exerting myself. I’m also not aware of feeling stressed - another potential cause, I believe.

I’m taking Gilenya (Fingolimod), but that doesn’t have pseudo relapse symptoms as side effects, AFAIK. Yesterday I thought it might have been something I ate, but I haven’t had breakfast yet. (No, it’s not the kind of shakiness you can get when you haven’t eaten for a while.)

Am I missing something?

Sounds like the norm to me, I’m afraid. I have symptoms every day, but they aren’t necessarily the same and they aren’t necessarily the same severity, and I regularly have short spells (a few days) of feeling awful.

It would be worth getting a full MOT from your GP though - make sure it’s not something non-MS. Last time I had a longer spell of feeling increasingly bad, I nearly assumed it was my MS progressing and did nothing, but finally went to the GP when all my nails broke(!) and I thought, “That’s definitely not MS, perhaps something else is going on?!” I discovered that my vit D level was far too high - oops! So you never know, it might be something simple to fix that’s causing your weak and shakey symptoms. (Best to get checked for a UTI too - it’s possible to have them with none of the usual symptoms.)

Karen x