Tonsillitis and optic neuritis

Hi all

In April of this year I had a grotty cold. At the tail end of that a bout of optic neuritis started which ultimately led to my diagnosis in September.

My eye has been much better over the last month and a half or so, but I’ve got tonsillitis at the moment. I had yesterday off work and didn’t really leave the sofa but I’ve really noticed that my eye is off and I feel quite wobbly today. I walked over to the shops during my lunch break and had that horrible feeling of being slightly drunk. Hopefully I didn’t look like it! I am also really tired thanks to a cough that pops up in the evenings. Grr.

Will the reawakened symptoms pass as the tonsillitis does or am I in for a bit of a wait? I’m hoping it won’t lead to a relapse … does that happen?

Thanks all :slight_smile:


Hi Nic,

How are you feeling now? I’ve found that my eyes play up when I’m poorly. I had Optic Neuritis in July 2016 and regularly get colds and infections but I haven’t had a relapse to date, luckily. I’m currently fighting glandular fever which has really knocked me.