Today is D day +1

Well, today is D Day+1. We walk alongside each other MS and I. Sometimes quite happily, in easy silence, sometimes raging at each other. It never goes away. It’s always there, sometimes it bites me but hey, sometimes I bite it back. Sometimes we are friends, sometimes we are not. But without a doubt, it has become an integral part of me. It doesn’t make me who iam, it doesn’t define me but I have come to accept that it will always walk alongside me. Never in front of me, never behind me but alongside. And as long as it remembers it’s place and stays there, MS and I will remain companions. Not enemies, that’s too much energy to invest in it and never friends because I don’t actually like it but companions forced on each other. Acceptance of what I cannot change gives me the strength not to walk in the shadow of MS.

Beautifully put MrsH


lovely words MrsH

carole x

Well put. It’s kind of like a marriage except that we can’t divorce it …

Tracey x

‘companions’ is the wrong word. Can’t think of a word which encapsulates something that is destructive, nasty and never far away.

I try to not use energy to fight MS as I cant afford to. I follow a buddhist approach to flow with the tide of life of which MS is part. so I am with with you Mrs H!. Peter

Like it MrsH Nice to see you back on the boards Barney

Thanks all. Looking back, over the last year, I’m quite proud of myself for getting where I am today. At times it’s been a struggle but then, life is. As I said on Dday…the day I was diagnosed, somebody, somewhere will have been given a day, a week, a month to live. Compared to that… I stand by my words above. That is my status quo with MS. It helps me deal with it and accept that it is just the way it is. Have a lovely weekend everybody…and for those of us whom are heat intolerant, enjoy the cooler weather !! Catherine Xx

Very wise words as usual Mrs H :slight_smile: thanks for them. Xxx