Tizanidine/Zanaflex doseage

OK, I know I should have written down what my MS nurse said and I’m still awaiting a letter from my Neuro BUT I started Tizanidine a week ago (after weaning off Baclofen and having a liver function test).

The leaftet is vague and I know I won’t be going anywhere near the maximum doseage (taking one 2mg pill made me take an early night). Anyhow, I’m curious, what are other people told to take? Given the impact of the first pill, I got a pill-cutter and started 1/2 a tablet 3 times a day. Upping to whole tablets today which will be 6mg in total.

Thanks in advance… if no replies I’ll call my MS nurse before the letter arrives, I just feel like a bit of an eejit for not writing it down!

Thank you

Sonia x