Tired, stiff, achy & leaky

Feeling sorry for myself

a flower for you xxxx

I know the feeling. I’ve just led there on the sofa for the last 2 hours despite the fact I’ve got a shower buy train tickets and pack for visiting my family tomorrow. Hope you feel better soon.X

perfect response, thanku lovely xx

same to you - hope you have a good weekend x

Hi Deb

Am so sorry you’re feeling low at the mo - I do feel for you as your title is the exact wording I could use too just now.

Having a good cry is no shame as we all need to release our feelings and tears are a natural, healthy way to do that. A condition that takes so much, and gives what we don’t want, e.g. pain, fatigue has a big impact, and it takes its toll.

Take time to have a good rest Deb, be gentle on yourself & have a favourite treat - I do hope you feel better real soon.

Sending (((hugs)))

Bren x

Thanks Deb hope you do too. Rest up ad relax - have some TLC like some chocolate or some wine and pamper yourself. Hope you feel better.X