Hi, why is it I can run around teaching a class of 3-5 year olds. 4 days a week but as soon as I exert myself at home doing chores, gardening or DIY, I need to lie down as my legs get numb and I feel knackered and weak? Grrr…honestly, it is so frustrating!

I am on Tecfidera, take vitamin D tablets and am careful to eat at regular intervals to ensure I put fuel in my body. Anyone else feel the same? Any helpful suggestions?

Thanks, Debbie

Hi Debbie

Maybe it’s because you run around 4 days a week after small children that anything else is just too much for you.

Have a look at

Assuming you enjoy your job, it’s a case of managing everything else in such a way that doesn’t just make you want to sleep. So instead of coming home every night and thinking you can just crack on with all the household chores, come home and rest for half an hour first. Then break the chores up into small bits. If you are attempting to live your life as if you don’t have MS, then it doesn’t matter what vitamins, DMDs and good food you eat, you can still suffer fatigue.

So take a step back from your life, look at what you need to do outside of work and think of ways to make it all a bit simpler and less tiring.



Hi Debbie. You are allergic to housework. AD


Heard of the spoon theory? you have run out of spoons. We all with MS has a finite amount of energy and you have been focusing yours on the rug rats.

Alos it can be a TIME of day thing. I’m okay in am, rubbish in afternoon and after 6pm? Well park me on the sofa and leave me there!

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‘Good stress’ when I am at work, I ‘need’ to be ok, stresses give me the get up & go. On off time your body knows it’s a ‘want’ rather than a ‘need’. My interpretation is that I only have ‘so much’ energy. If you need it all to manage your four days of work, your body may be being careful on your days off.

pre ms diagnoses ( I would never try it now). If I was planning a night out, I would be tired all day at work. Then once home & showered loads of energy. I always thought it was a unconscious ‘save energy’.

P.s. This is just personal interpolation, no medical science to back up.

so, your Q was… Any useful suggestions. The only one I have is, what is most important to you ? Your job or the other stuff. If it’s your job, except that the other stuff is not important & will get done as and when. If being able to do the other stuff is important to you, you may need to cut back no. Of days you work.

ms is a bitch, there are no magic answers, sorry. Big hugs

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Thank you all…just was feeling very frustrated as I do manage my energy really well but obviously, even though it is the holidays, my body is clearly needing that extra rest. I have taken things easy as I know I need to store energy (spoons? ) ready for the long summer term. I have done little jobs and then rested and thankfully I know how to enjoy down time…especially in this glorious sunshine .
Thanks again, off to put my feet up and read a book.
Debs x