tips on cooling down when getting overheated

Hi everyone. I have rrms and despite this, I am trying to keep going with my martial arts mma training (my instructor is amazing and adapts my trainimy accordingly to fit in with my me so I can continue) and am due to try for my second Dan black belt in December. At the moment I am struggling with getting totally overheated despite working with a huge fan by the side of me and whilst dipping in and out of posts on here have heard about cooling ‘products’ such as a thing that you put round your neck? Can anyone suggest where to get these items and if anyone knows of any other ideas to help me cool down :slight_smile: Thanks

Hi I got some meno cooling scarves from amazon. They are very good. Catherine Xx

I agre with CCatherine the cooling scarves are great and people don’t even know they are wet just think you are wearing a scarf. This is great when you are work. I also hot mine from amazon they had a good choice of designs. Good luck for ggoing for your blavk belt. Barney

This may help I just like to add keep your training up.

Many moons ago I used to study Shotokan at the Budoki Club under Tomito with Enouda (who was a 7th Dan). I was only a lowly Brown Belt; your 2nd Dan; is there a Kata involved; as far as I remember when you get as high as you to reach the next Dan there is a different criteria. Good luck anyway; brilliant; spelling may be wrong been awhile now.

Anon; sorry but reasons


I also use the scarves. They are brill. Also I keep ice packs in the freezer and very often I put them on my eye when my ON plays up. It really helps.

Hope this helps.

Shazzie xx