Tingling patches in random places???

Hey, so I’m a bit confused! I keep getting really weird tingling in random parts of my body on my skin. The main one is just below my bra strap on my chest! It’s not constant but it’s definitely there more often than not. Could this be a sign of a flair up?? I’ve also noticed optic neuritis symptoms are back and I’m just so achey and tired but kind of chalked this all up to being 7 months pregnant!?

YES! I was just about to post about this. Last few weeks I’ve had tingling/buzzing all over my body - legs, feet, back, lip. They don’t last that long and come and go all day. Very bizarre!

I have RRMS - diagnosed in June and on Tecfidera.

I’m wondering whether I need to call my nurse??? I have RRMS also but currently not on treatment as I’m pregnant!

Hi Char

It does sound like maybe it could be a relapse. So letting your MS nurse know would be a good idea, but I don’t think s/he would be able to do anything for you given the pregnancy. Basically, it’s going to be a case of rest, rest and more rest.


I would give your MS nurse a call hun especially if your ON symptoms are coming back. Could be nothing and of course pregnancy could make you achey and tired, or you could be coming down with something rather than having a flare or relapse. I’d give them a call just to see what they advise. Let us know how you get on! PS. Do you know what you are having?? :slight_smile:

Thanks sue, I’ll give her a call. Roll on maternity leave!

I’ve been having these! And I was going to post my random places are ‘Maidstone Town Centre’ and ‘Buckingham Palace’ but decided to stop being glib. Now it looks like I’m pregnant! Thanks forum