Tingling and weakness throughout body..

…anyone experienced tingling like butterflies in chest stomach and throughout limbs with general weakness?

I would not stop posting,its an MS forum and its a forum for people that have worries about MS and symptoms.its a very worrying time leading up to diagnosis,it was so bad for me,and i remember just how worried i was,i would imagine all sorts.

I was told by many that it was all in my mind,but the diagnosis i got with MRI and lumber puncture proved them ALL wrong.

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Thanks …

Please don’t stop posting. Before my diagnosis of ppms last year I was posting almost every symptom I had. This was MY way of coping. On top of this the neuro I was seeing said there was nothing concerning on my brain and spinal MRIs. He was wrong I had ms lesions in both these areas. Some of my symptoms were very vague and maybe not typical of ms. Everyone is different and if it helps YOU by posting every twinge or whatever then please do.

Take care


It`s as worrying not having a diagnosis of MS as being confirmed with MS.

Basically Ive been diagnosed with RRMS then PPMS and now theyre not sure. I had another MRI last weekend and my appointment for the Neurologist is on 26th July.

All my symptoms point at MS but overall my condition has improved or I`ve just got used to it.

Maybe third time lucky.

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Keep posting if it is helping you remember we may all have a diagnosis of MS but it affects us all very differently.

You may benefit from reading or posting on the new to diagnosis thread.

I do agree anxiety can show in many different ways and if you get a confirmed diagnosis stress anxiety and worry will make everything worse.

you need to establish or develop a positive relationship with your GP who will be able to answer your questions. Look for a local MS therapy centre they will be a great help or an MS society meeting.

Take it one step at a time and try and enjoy the moment write your symptoms or worries down and take it when you see a GP or neuro.


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Don’t stop posting Worried, MS is often a horrible lonely place, especially if those around you don’t really understand it. Symptoms cause so much angst & terror, lets be fair, who are the ones that can relate? yep, us. Post your heart out, if anyone can help they will, if people don’t have anything nice to say, don’t reply. I’m hoping you get answers, 1 way or another, but for now, share your worries, we are here for one another, think the title of the forum is a hint Tracey xx

Hi worried - three lots of CBT counselling was my GP’s answer for the ‘strange’ physical and emotional feelings I kept having. Then I got my MS diagnosis :wink: Listen to all the great stuff everyone is saying (with one exception!).


i get pins needles hands arms and some tremors too, and get like roller coaster butterflies , used to get those travelling in cars buses etc, now i get it sometimes just sitting at work