Tingles - do they occur in lines?

The last 4 weeks I have had mild tingles across cheek and jawline, down forearm and on thigh all on right hand side. Beginning to wear off now but if I get worked up or stressed they come back. Do ms symptoms occur in lines or are they more diffuse. I could literally draw pen lines down where the tingles occur like women used to in the 2nd world war draw lines on their legs to look like stockings. No pain, no balance issues or other symptoms. As mentioned in previous post I have one or two small high signal abnormalities in the peri ventricular white tracts mainly anterior left. No lesions elsewhere in head or cervical spine (but damaged disc in neck) - thank you snow leopard for your reply on the MRI.

Hi Kath, sensory nerves follow dermatones, very clear areas on your body. I asked my neuro and he showed me a dermatone map that explained my attempt to show him the long strips of my legs that were numb. Dont know how to post a link but if you google dermatone map you should get something ok Sian x