TIMES newspaper today

The Times newspaper has a large supplement dedicated to MS, well worth it if you get the chance to pick it up today.

Maybe more for the newly diagnosed, as I am, but still very good reading I thought.

Thanks for that. Will get my hubby to pick one up L x

Just got a copy of the paper and Vicky is absolutely right it has a really good and very informative supplement on MS. I thought I was pretty clued up but I have to say it is VERY definitely worth a read and I can imagine I might be using it for reference next time I see my GP/Neurologist/MS Nurse!


Drat, I was out today for appointment but did not go near paper shop…wonder if the article is online.

Off to look.


Wish I had seen this earlier - bet they have sold out now.

I’m sure it is online - my regional Facebook page posted a link to it yesterday but I’m at work right now and Facebook is blocked here . I guess they know how I would really spend my day … I wonder how long it will be before this site is blocked too …


I’ve posted my own view of the highlights of this supplement on three different threads - treat MS early and aggressively, list of neuros who contributed and list of drugs that might help slow down progression. It would be really good if someone a bit more tech savvy than me could post a link because the whole thing made interesting reading. Bit depressing about the postcode lottery.

I got a copy of the Times on Tuesday and it depressed me

The MS article was about 16 pages long and only three lines meant anything to me it seemed everyone is sorting out stuff for RRMS but nothing for PPMS which I have