Time to stop being scared - thoughts wanted pls

Hello. I’m Sophie. I’m 31 and have been scared of my symptoms for about 4 years now. I am now heavily pregnant and have been very unwell at the end of my pregnancy and interestingly it’s only now, having rules just about everything else out that my consultant (an ob/gyn) said well we could look at sending you to a neurologist to rule out ms. Interestingly it was ms I suspected a few years back with my initial symptoms but was pretty much laughed at by my GP. I am posting really because I feel alone and I just wanted to see what you think. My partner has absolutely no idea how to handle me when I mention my fears of my symptoms and last symptoms so I have felt very alone and ultimately scared and frustrated. About 4 years ago I noticed that I was getting flashes in my vision. Sometimes a dark blue hazy blob and other times it could be a light coloured shape of some kind. Never bang on central, always to the side of my vision. I will add, very different to focal migraine which I suffered from as an adolescent. These flashes would be there every day. Most likely to come on from a change of posture or coming into dimmer lit rooms. At the time I also had a lot of problems with buzzing in my feet. Almost like a bug was in my shoe. Never numbness as such - just buzzing. If I recall correctly I also had tingling in my hands and this developed into other strange sensations in the fingers. If I remember correctly I had a few weeks of the feeling that the side of one of my fingers was burning. So after a few months of this most of the symptoms went away. With the exception of the eye flashes. I have loved with them since. They occur most days. However, for a while before I became pregnant they were much better and with the absence of other symptoms I just kind of got on with it. (I will add I have seen eye specialists and they never found anything wrong with retina etc). I probably had the odd strange happening since then over the past four years but primarily just vision flash issues. But from mid pregnancy I noticed that my nose was tingling and buzzing. I think this lasted on and off for around 2 weeks. At the same time as the skin just under my eye twitching. Then it went away. I have also - in the last 2 months - woken in the morning with a sharp tingling in my feet, not quite like normal pins and needles, more of a sharper needling sensation that seems to go away if I place my foot either in cold water or hot water, kind of shocking the nerves into stopping! If that makes sense!? I have had all the blood work under the sun, what with being pregnant. And when I went to the docs prior to pregnancy 4 years ago they did b vit tests when my tingling was at its worst and that was all fine. I guess I am just looking for advice really. What would you make of this? Would you push for that neuro appointment that the obstetrician mentioned? Does it sound like I am barking up the wrong tree thinking about ms as a possibility? I would be really grateful just for some feedback and thoughts from someone who won’t look at me like I am going round the twist! Best wishes Sophie