Time to choose new car. Advice please.

It’s that time again. choosing a new car.

Anyone got any advice or top tips.

I need, 5 doors, auto and excellent MPG. They’re the most important things…

My car at the moment is a Ford Fiesta Titanium Auto. Whilst it’s very cute and easy to drive, the fuel consumption is appalling. (30mpg)

Does anyone out there have a good car, or know of one where the petrol doesn’t cost £50 to go 220 miles!!!

I understand a auto car uses more fuel, but I can no longer drive a ‘stick’ vehicle so I have no choice.

Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

Why confine yourself to petrol cars?

Think about a smallish to medium car with a good 2 litre diesel.

Some experts will tell you that the extra cost of diesel is not economical unless you do more than 4000 to 10,000 miles (depends on expert).
They all miss the point that the diesel has much more torque, and when coupled to a auto box will be a whole lot easier to drive - and anything that makes life easier for us is a good thing.

Just as an example, my Peugeot 407 estate only costs about £60 a month in fuel. Some days I might do 3 miles, some days it’s 20. Short runs I get 28-30 MPG. On any decent run, I am getting well over 40 mpg - you can work out the costs based on fuel prices where you live.

If you do not want anything much bigger than a Fiesta, you could look at the Peugeot 307/308, some of the Skodas (2 litre Octavia is nice), maybe a Mitsubishi, or a Seat, and there are more. But, also think about how easy it is to get in and out of - it might be OK now, but will it still be OK in 18 months? Then think about all the other “nice-to-have” features. Air-con is a luxury - but if you are sensitive to heat (and many people are) then it becomes a neccessity. Cruise control could make life much easier on your longer runs, And so on. It is not just about the fuel consumption …


i am sure i have read some where that if you are in reciept of higher rate mobility for an advance payment of £295 you can get a citroen C3 auto diesel which I am sure it said it gives about 80mpg you could look at the mobilty DLA site it will tell you what you can get and will give you lots more info


I have a corsa 1.7 sxi cdti. I get between 55-60mpg all the time. Its a very spacious car. N lovely to drive. N very nippy to get around, but great on the motorway too. V xx


I got a Honda Jazz in August and love it. It’s got a very good semi-automatic gearbox which you can drive as a full automatic. The mpg is way better than the Ford Focus I did have, more like 48mpg than the 29mpg the Ford did. It’s quite a small car so things like parking are fairly easy, but inside it’s made very good use of space, so it feels more practical than the bigger Focus.


Just today, taken delivery of a new Peugeot 3008 auto diesel, with engine auto stop/start in traffic, to save fuel.

As I have only taken delivery today, can’t really comment on the fuel economy yet, but it’s a lovely car to drive. After I have had it a while, I will make another post, on findings, and fuel economy.

Also not sure if this car is available on mobility, as I made my own purchase.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor, today is such a day.


I went for a VW Golf, 1.8 auto diesel.

Great boot space for wheelchair. Seats 5 & does 45+ mpg town driving and 60 mpg on long distance.

£65 fuel gets me 550-600 miles on regular driving. It moves very well too & looks good.

MP3 player & cruise control included and gearbox is semi-automatic so can use gears without clutch or just auto.

Its great and I will get one again. Cost £450 down payment.