Time in limbo - makes me think it's in my mind

Hi all,

me again just want to put this somewhere and hopefully someone can relate.

im currently in limbo. Had head only MRI in September which the radiologist said was inconclusive as I had small lesions. I have seen the consultant since (16th November) and he’s looked at the report and said for someone your age (37) having lesions in the corpus callosum no matter how small should not be overlooked. That coupled with my ongoing symptoms currently they have been active since July. The consultant also noticed I have brisk reflexes in my weak leg. My consultant strongly thinks I have RRMS but wants to back that up with a VEP test and spinal MRI.

in the meantime I’m just thinking perhaps it’s all in my mind …I know it isn’t as it’s physical symptoms for example today in M&S trying to buy school tights for my girls I kept staggering into things thank goodness I had the pram to lean on ha ha. Is this what being in limbo does to you - plays mind tricks or is it just me over thinking?

Thanks guys just wanted to put this somewhere

Ali xx

I know how you feel. I am in Limbo too, waiting to have a brain and spine MRI and struggling physically sometimes. Yet I feel it’s all in my head, I keep thinking ‘nothing is wrong with me, why can’t I do this activity with my toddler’. Other days I feel so sad because I worry about my health and how I will look after my children in the future. It’s really up and down!

And I know what you mean about the buggy! It’s like a wheeled zimmer frame sometimes. I am not sure how stable I would feel without it sometimes. I am only 28 and supposedly look very healthy, but do not feel it.


Hey nice to know someone is in the same boat as me… I think it’s all the over thinking !!! Also my toddler has to stay in the pram as if she skips away I can’t chase her !!! Thank goodness for my older kids who chase her around when they are with me.

Anyway hope you get some answers soon xxxxx

Hi both. I have suffered from vertigo for years and always people thought I was being a drama queen. Queue this year full loss of feeling from waist down. My biggest fear has always been no one believing me and that it is all in my head. But I trust my doctors and when something isn’t right you know. Trust yourself a little more and let the tests show for themselves what is going on under the surface. I am still not diagnosed either despite brain and spine lesion… it’s an up hill battle but giving it a name will help. X