thought MS had been ruled out

hi all - I last posted in 2016 and after a negative MRI and LP it seemed MS had been ruled out and ME diagnosis still correct. But something happened today that has me baffled- I saw the dentist and she had to remove a wobbly tooth- the second time this has happened- when she took x ray she was shocked - since last year I had lost most of the bone under the tooth- same thing happened with the first one- no infection present. She said the only time she has known of this was in people with MS who had developed Osteopenia?! I am actually due to see GP on Friday- but trying to find out more beforehand- can I assume that negative MRI and LP means definitely no MS- could ME cause the Osteopenia- it’s the first time I’ve even heard of that word. Dentist is referring me to dental hospital as she is baffled by the speed of the bone loss- can anyone advise on any of my query? Thanks in advance!

osteopaenia is an early stage of osteoporosis.

see what your gp says.

maybe alendronic acid and lots of vitamin D.

A long time ago I used to work at a dentist and I’ve heard it mentioned many times but only in relation to osteoporosis. I’m completely unfamiliar with its link with MS. Try not to let it open up the MS can of worms. Discuss it with your GP but if both your mri and lp was clear then continue to have faith in the fact MS has been ruled out. I’m sure you’ve heard a million times or more that negative tests don’t rule out ms but if collectively all tests are negative and your feeling good then crack on with enjoying life as best you can.

hi both - no not feeling good (M.E. quietly worsening) but I agree tests should have shown something by now if MS related so will ignore dentist’s mention of MS! She did admit she knew little of M.E. and on looking online it does seem like certain conditions can contribute (including MS so she wasn’t far out there) - we know my immune system isn’t too good due to several infections I’ve had in one year and it looks like that can kick off bone trouble too- so might be handy others knowing that too- at least due to the missing bone I’ve had an early warning (looking on bright side!!) thanks both!