Those who take LDN for MS, what dose do you take?

I have MS and will be starting LDN for the first time tonight. I just stopped Tecfidera as it gave me leukopenia (severe drop in WBC) and was too toxic (also have a HUGE concern it would eventually cause cancer). For those who take LDN for MS… what dose do you take? I’m trying to see how many take 3 or 4.5mg rather than ONLY 1.5mg.

I am VERY confused what dose would do the best job at preventing MS progression.

How many here went off all MS drugs and are ONLY using LDN like myself?


I’ve been taking LDN for ten years. I started on 1mg then stepped up to 2 and then 3mg. However, 3mg didn’t suit me at all. 2mg reduced my symptoms, while 3mg made them worse. It’s trial and error. Maybe you should try liquid LDN . You could then vary the dose easily. Liquid LDN is available from Dicksons Pharmacy in Glasgow. They supply people all over the U K. Once you settle on the most beneficial dose, you can change to capsules. John


i took only ldn for 7yrs-not through choice-long story! have had 9 tysabri infusions now and still take ldn.

john has given good answer.

i started on 3mg then up to 4.5 with no issues. but like all things with ms best to find out what suits you.



does someone know of ur intention to take ldn? my gp and neuro know that i take ldn tho its not prescribed by them.


My wife has taken 2.8 Mg for just over 10 years. No disease progress since.