This scares me...

Don’t follow the link if you are of a sensitive disposition.

MP Ann Clwyd breaks down, as she recalls the appalling treatment of her husband, who had MS, as he lay dying in hospital:

I know this problem is not exclusive to MS. I witnessed similar happen to my grandmother, who was 94. She was left with food and water out-of-reach, and also could not reach the bell, to tell anyone of her predicament.

Soiled garments (diarrhoea) were not laundered, but shoved into a wardrobe and left to fester, for us to find and deal with.

Someone came to her room at eight in the morning, and opened the window wide (presumably because of the stench). When we arrived at lunchtime, it was still open. Nobody had returned to close it again. She’d been left there shivering under a thin sheet - in January.

I’m absolutely petrified of this. I’d rather die at home, in my own squalor, than in front of strangers who just do not give a damn, and do not respond to the most basic human needs, such as the person being cold, or thirsty.

How the heck can we end up with “nurses” who do not give a patient water, or a blanket? This isn’t something that requires a nursing qualification: it’s something you would expect anyone would do for anyone, without having to go to nursing school, to be told you’re supposed to do it.

Why does anyone become a nurse, who basically doesn’t care about people, and doesn’t respond if they’re cold, or in soiled bedlinen, or can’t reach their food?

This kind of stuff can’t be taught. Somebody who needs to be taught it shouldn’t be in the profession.

I’m really worried what the future holds for anyone old or ill in this country. I know not all nurses are like it, but how can hospital, where you go to get better, end up as a dumping ground, where you may not get even basic needs met?

It says it all that even an articulate, high profile, influential person like Ann Clwyd couldn’t stop this happening to her husband.



as some know i have a huge relapse started 25 june. i have been astounded by the professionals. have recently dealt with social work, emergency nursing care,physio,ot and various others. there is the odd gem out there but the majority are following guidelines and are not/can not listen to the patient. i find this so sad but its they way of things. i was a staff nurse myself for 10 years-running the shift regularly and times have changed-and not for the better. the individual nurses are not the problem. there is alot to be said for the ‘old matron’ at least the basics were addressed then.

i have never been in hosp despite very disabling attacks. but gp is brill and knows how i feel and why. how to solve it/the problems? i really dont know…

am now crying-not ur fault/cos of ur post but because i know how bad it is for many out there and know what a struggle it is for those that need genuine help.

take care.

ellie x

Hello Tina, This scares me too, I haven’t watched the clip yet. I started nurse training way back and gave up because I came from working in a residential care home where I could take time and care properly to a hurried, unempathic environment. I just couldn’t do it :frowning: Sam x

I am like you Ellie, i have had some very disabling relapses that needed me to be admitted to hospital,but i have always refused to go into hospital, i saw how people with ms were treat, when i was in for a week that led to my ms diagnosis and that was 20 years ago,and i have known some who have come out worse than they went in,because they were not given the care and attention needed,i have had some serious rows with my partner over this issue, he wanted me to go into hospital but i am stubborn and always refused,i have finally got it through to him, that i am better looked after in my own home,but he would never listen to me when i tried to explain, i am in my 7 month of a very severe relapse,and resting in the comfort of my own bedroom,with good food, plenty of drinks, and snacks and a nice clean bed.I am scared to death of going into hospital and will always, always try my very best to avoid it.

This, and the Liverpool pathway, has made me really really scared for my future.

I have found finding something positive to look forward to really really difficult. I’ve been trying to not think about how awful the future may be, but it’s hard to be positive after those two stories.

Hi Tina

I don’t know if you have heard the excellent 4thought programme with Christina Patterson. She informs the listener of her experience of the care given by nurses when she was treated for cancer. I found this programme both moving and very frightening and it does make you wonder why some people take up nursing. Ms Patterson made a follow up programme entitled “care to be a nurse” which was broadcast last Tuesday, it’s worth a listen.

Wendy x

Think I’ll start saving everyones tablets now. Scary stuff :frowning: X