This (MS) has no end..

Sorry about this folks but I’m feeling this has no end! I rearely post negative ‘posts’ BUT today even after my coffee and blueberry muffin, I’m down maybe rather than sad! Or even p***ed off but we must not swear just incase children are reading this forum. Take care. M

Sorry you’re feeling so blue, I’ve sent you some flowers and (((((((hugs))))))). Bloomin’ weather doesn’t help. Don’t know where you are, but’ sunny’ Cornwall is all sideways rain, gales and grey today.

I had warm chocolate brownie with my (decaff) coffee today, even that hasn’t helped.

Keep your pecker up,’ this too will pass…’


Thank you, I’m giving myself a shake AND trying not to think MS!

Take care, you are sooooooooooooooo right, this too will pass, M

Well, MS doesn`t have an end…not until we are at our end, eh? Not nice, but true!

luv POllx